Welcome to the Norfolk Deaf Association

The NDA clinic times for the Christmas week are:

Monday 17th of December  10 am-12noon  and  2pm -4pm

Tuesday 18th of December  10 am-12noon  and  2pm -4pm

Wednesday 19th of December  10 am-12noon and  2pm -4pm

Thursday 20th of December   10 am-12noon  and 2pm -4pm

Friday  21st of December  10 am-12noon   2pm -4pm

The Norfolk Deaf Association (NDA) is a charitable company founded in 1898.

Our work aims to improve the lives of young people and adults of all ages in Norfolk with all degrees of hearing loss. We achieve this by offering personal, emotional and practical support, undertaking hearing aid maintenance, giving advice on assistive listening technology and communication methods, providing information on hearing loss and related conditions, and training. The key objective of the Norfolk Deaf Association is to provide high quality information, support, awareness and communication services.

This sites provides information about how we can help you and how you can get involved with the NDA.