NEW Sensory Support Clinic

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Norfolk County Council’s Adult Support Services Sensory Support Unit.

The Sensory Support Unit (SSU) team are at NDA to offer free advice every fortnight on Fridays from 10am to 1pm. Last appointments are at 12.30pm. To check clinic dates, please call us on 01603 404440.

Norfolk County Council’s Adult Support Services SSU provide assessments for people who are hard of hearing and profoundly deaf. They aim to provide support, advice and resources to help reduce isolation and allow the individual to participate more fully in family life. For example, provision of a personal loop may allow them to access media such as TV/Radio at a level that is more comfortable for other household members, this may also improve conversations as the individual may be able to hear more clearly.

  • To allow a personal or room loop to interact and work effectively with the hearing aid a loop setting should be activated on the hearing aid. This can be activated by your hearing aid provider.

  • They do not provide smoke alarms or telephones. Advice can be provided regarding telephones as part of a wider assessment.

  • Certain health conditions may limit the range of equipment they can advise you on.