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 Tel/Minicom: 01603 404440
Fax: 01603 404433
Email: nda@norfolkdeaf.org.uk







What's On at the NDA

This page provides information about events and clubs at the NDA and links to the following:



NDA Groups and Clubs
HUSH! Club
Events for 2017


Event Title

12 Dec.

Outing - Christmas Meal (TBA)



 For details of these events, email Tracey on hush@norfolkdeaf.org.uk or visit our  Hard of Hearing Club page.  

Tinnitus Support Group

The meeting is open to everyone, but places must be booked in advance.



For details about the ways in which group can help, email tinnitus@norfolkdeaf.org.uk  or visit our Tinnitus Support Group  page.            

BSL Practice Group

Meeting times: Every fortnight on Wednesday, between 11:30am and 1pm. 

  • November 1st , 15th & 29th 
  • December 13th


  To join the group or for more information, email hearingsupport@norfolkdeaf.org.uk or contact Pam on 01603 404440.