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Hearing Loss Awareness Training
The aim of the training is to increase the understanding of the challenges faced by people with all degrees of hearing loss in the workplace and in social settings.

Hearing Loss Awareness Training increases the understanding of the challenges faced by people with all degrees of hearing loss in the workplace and in social settings. In Norfolk, over 125,000 people have some form of hearing loss. Their difficulty in hearing may not always be evident to those they meet but may have severe impacts upon their ability to access to work, education and socialize leading to isolation and to poor emotional wellbeing.


The NDA offers high-quality training based on the latest research to help organisations and individuals understand the impacts of hearing loss. Through presentations and interaction with our experienced trainer, participants learn simple ways that they can make communication easier for those with hearing difficulties. In addition, the sessions give an introduction to some of the hearing technology and supplementary listening technology available for people with hearing loss.


Training can be delivered at your own venue or at our accessible training room. We will be running training sessions for individuals at the NDA offices at a cost cost £25 per person including tea coffee and all materials.


We will be running training at the NDA offices on Thorpe Road, Norwich on the following dates:­


    • Friday 24th November 2017 - 2 - 5pm
    • Thursday 25th January 2018 - 2 - 5pm
    • Tuesday 27th February 2018 - 2 - 5pm
    • Thursday 22nd March 2018 - 2 - 5pm
    • Wednesday 25th April 2018 - time TBC
    • Friday 25th May 10am - 1pm
    • Tuesday26th June -  2 - 5pm


For organisations that would like training at their premises, we offer our three hour training sessions for £250 plus travel expenses to train a maximum of 16 people.


Training is available to any commercial and public sector enterprise, charities, community organisations or individuals, with a range of programmes is available to meet the needs of these different organisations.


Many local businesses and organisations have already taken the opportunity to up-skill their staff in Hearing Loss Awareness, including Norwich Theatre Royal, MSI and a number of schools and legal firms. We have also trained students at UEA and City College Norwich.



Find out more:

For further details, download our leaflet click here: Hearing Loss Awareness Training Information.


To book, call the NDA on 01603 404440, email us at nda@norfolkdeaf.org.uk





HLAT Booking Form

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What the delegates say

"There was information given that I had not considered even though my own mother is hard of hearing. Especially how each individual's hearing loss varies."


"Very clear, good visual backup. Cheerful and easy to listen to."

"Made it easy for me as a person with learning difficulties to understand."

"Liked the use of ear plugs and headphones [to simulate the experience hearing loss]."

"Has given me some ideas for working in my setting and food for thought."