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 Assistive Listening Technology Service

Here at the NDA we like to consider assistive technology as the means of moving from OK hearing to living with the fullest most vibrant sound your hearing will allow. Hearing music, TV, telephones, or in the theatre can be difficult or unsatisfactory, even with the latest most advanced aids. That is why we sometimes need additional equipment to make that difference.  We offer open and appointment-based clinics where you can obtain impartial advice.


For advice on phones, TV listeners and listening in social situations, we hold open clincs every Thursday morning at our Thorpe Road offices, every first Wednesday of the month in Great Yarmouth and on occasional Wednesdays at the ACT Centre  in Aylsham.

For advice on listening in the workplace, higher education and more complex issues, we offer appointments on Tuesdays at Cromer Hospital and at Thorpe Road. 

Assistive Listening Technology Advice Clinics

Advances in hearing aid technology means that there is an increasing demand for a different level of assistance for those who need more complex equipment to improve their ability to hear in more challenging situations. The latest streaming devices, such as the Phonak Roger Pen, transmit sound straight into the hearing aids and offer superb quality access to sound in the workplace, educational lectures and in social situations. Purchasing this equipment can involve complex purchasing decisions. To address this need we are offering appiontment-only clinics at our Thorpe Road premises and at the Cromer Hospital Audiology Department, and at Community House, Great Yarmouth.   For the times of our clinics, please see our timetable here



How Assistive Listening Technology helps


Today's digital hearing aids provide accurate and natural sounding hearing for most people and are programmed to help you hear speech in normal conversation, even in quite challenging environments. However, there are still times when you might struggle to hear the TV or phone as clearly as you would like, which is when additional assistive devices could be of help. Typical areas of hearing difficulty are:

  • Listening to TV
  • Listening to Telephone
  • Listening in meetings
  • Listening to music
  • Listening to mobile devices







Hearing Loss and Safety

If you are not wearing your hearing aids, at night or at other times, you need devices that will wake you up if needed and keep safe. Flashing lights or pillow vibrators are indispensible for such devices as: 

  • Fire alarms
  • Doorbells
  • Alarm clocks
  • Phone ring indicators.

The clinics aim to help you try and select equipment to help you in your daily lives. Equipment is available to help with day-to-day living, with social life, with work life and with safety of those with hearing loss.


The importance of the service in today's economic climate is that equipment must be purchased privately. Assistive technology can be very expensive and seem more complicated than it really is. The help we offer you in selecting the correct equipment can be crucial.  Experienced staff and volunteers at the clinics offer free advice and help you to try out equipment such as phones, loops, personal listeners and alerting devices.


Please bring your hearing aid booklet or card with you or or hospital referral form if you have one. You do not need these to obtain advice but it may help us understand the settings on your hearing aids and how best to advise you.


Please note that the NDA do not sell equipment, nor can we supply equipment free of charge. However, we can provide you an opportunity to try some items and provide information about how to place orders with Sarabec, Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) or Connevans, the three main suppliers of devices for people with hearing loss.


Placing an order

If you wish to make a purchase, the volunteer can assist by helping you to complete an order form, ensuring that you claim VAT relief on your purchase if you qualify. We currently work with three suppliers who are:

  • Sarabec
  • Connevans
  • Action on Hearing Loss (AHL – formerly RNID). This is the Solutions catalogue 


Important note

NDA act as an agent for the above suppliers. The sales contract is between the supplier and the client. Items are delivered by post directly to the your home and any defective or unsuitable items must be returned directly to the supplier by the client. The suppliers provide clear guidance on this, which is contained in the order information.





What our service users say

"Please thank your staff for their patience. I was struggling to understand how to use the TV listener that we purchased. After 3 phone conversations with a member of your staff we are able to use the listener now and we can both enjoy our programmes."